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Biofreeze vs Tiger Balm

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Tiger Balm

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Biofreeze is a topical over-the-counter gel for pain relief consisting of menthol with and other ingredients. –Editor's choicemore
Tiger Balm (Chinese: 虎標萬金油; pinyin: Hǔbiao Wànjīnyóu; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hó͘-phiau Bān-kim-iû) is the trademark for a heat rub manufactured and distributed by Haw Par Healthcare in Singapore. In South Africa, especially in the 90\'s within most of the black communities Tiger Balm was linked to a superstition that if smeared by a male on a female\'s thighs would work as a charm to lur the woman to bed. This misconception seems to have faded in the 21st century. –Editor's choicemore
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