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Catwoman vs Batgirl

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Catwoman is a fictional character associated with DC Comics' Batman franchise. Historically a supervillainess, the character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, partially inspired by Kane's cousin, Ruth Steel, as well as actress Jean Harlow. The original and most widely known Catwoman, Selina Kyle, first appears in Batman #1 (Spring 1940) in which she is known as The Cat. She is usually depicted as an adversary of Batman, known for having a complex love-hate relationship with him. In her first appearance, she was a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts. For many years Catwoman thrived, but from September 1954 to November 1966 she took an extended hiatus due to the newly developing Comics Code Authority in 1954. These issues involved the rules regarding the development and portrayal of female characters that were in violation of the Comics Code. Since the 1990s, Catwoman has been featured in an eponymous series that cast her as an antiheroine classy cat burglar rather than a traditional villain. The character has been one of Batman's most enduring love interests. A popular figure, Catwoman has been featured in most media adaptations related to Batman. Actresses Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether and Eartha Kitt introduced her to a large audience on the 1960s Batman television series and the 1966 Batman motion picture. Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the character in 1992's Batman Returns. Halle Berry starred in a stand-alone Catwoman film, 2004's Catwoman, which was a box-office flop, and bears little to no resemblance to the Batman character. Anne Hathaway portrayed Selina Kyle in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. Catwoman was ranked 11th on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time" list, and 51st on Wizard magazine's "100 Greatest Villains of All Time" list. Conversely, she was ranked 20th on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time" list, as well as 23rd in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Se –Editor's choicemore
Batgirl is the name of several fictional characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, depicted as female counterparts to the superhero Batman. Although the character Betty Kane was introduced into publication in 1961 by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff as Bat-Girl, she is replaced by Barbara Gordon in 1967, who later came to be identified as the iconic Batgirl. Her creation came about as a joint project between DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz and the producers of the 1960s Batman television series. In order to boost ratings for the third season of Batman, the producers requested a new female character be introduced into publication that could be adapted into the television series. At Schwartz's direction, Barbara Gordon debuted in Detective Comics #359 titled, "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl!" (1967) by writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino. Depicted as the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon, her civilian identity is given a doctorate in library science and she is employed as head of Gotham City Public Library, as well as later being elected to the United States Congress. As Batgirl, the character operates primarily in Gotham City, allying herself with Batman and the original Robin Dick Grayson, as well as other prominent heroes in the DC Universe. While the introduction of Batgirl into the Batman television series failed to save it from cancellation, her comic book counterpart gained popularity and makes regular appearances in Detective Comics, Batman Family and several other books produced by DC until 1988. That year, she appears in Barbara Kesel's Batgirl Special #1, in which she retires from crime-fighting. She subsequently appears in Alan Moore's graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke where, in her civilian identity, she is shot through the spinal cord by the Joker and left paraplegic. Although she is recreated as the computer expert and information broker Oracle by editor Kim –Editor's choicemore
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PublisherDC ComicsDC Comics
First appearanceBatman #1 (Spring 1940)Batman #139 (April 1961)
Created byBob Kane, Bill FingerBill Finger (writer), Sheldon Moldoff (art)
Format(vol. 1), Limited series, (vols. 2, 3 & 4), Ongoing series(vol 1, 3, & 4), Ongoing series, (vol 2), Limited Series
Publication date(vol. 1), February – May 1989, (vol. 2), September 1993 – July 2001, (vol. 3), January 2002 – October 2008, (vol. 4), September 2011 – present(vol 1), April 2000 – April 2006, (vol 2), September 2008 – February 2009, (vol 3), October 2009 – October 2011, (vol 4), September 2011 – Present
Number of issues(vol. 1), 4, (vol. 2), 96 (including issues numbered 0 and 1000000), 4 Annuals, (vol. 3), 82(vol 1): 73 + 1 Annual, (vol 2): 6, (vol 3): 24, (vol 4): 29 + 1 Annual ongoing
Main character(s)(vols. 1, 2, & 4), Selina Kyle, (vol. 3), Selina Kyle, Holly Robinson(vol 1-2), Cassandra Cain, (vol 3), Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, (vol 4), Barbara Gordon
Writer(s)Mindy Newell, Jo Duffy, Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, Devin Grayson, John Ostrander, Bronwyn Carlton, John Francis Moore, Ed Brubaker, Will Pfeifer, Judd Winick, Ann NocentiKelley Puckett, Scott Peterson, Dylan Horrocks, Andersen Gabrych, Adam Beechen, Bryan Q. Miller, Gail Simone
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