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1960 Star World Championships
2001–02 Edmonton Oilers season
2006 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships – Men's 10K
2007 Austin Wranglers season
Alaska Nanooks men's ice hockey
Baseball at the 1956 Summer Olympics
Dundee United F.C. Under-19s
Ken Smith (Home and Away)
Ken Smith (architect)
Ken Smith (baseball)
Ken Smith (basketball, born 1953)
Ken Smith (chess)
Ken Smith (footballer born 1927)
Ken Smith (footballer born 1932)
Ken Smith (poet)
Ken Smith (politician)
Ken Smith (racing driver)
Ken Smith (rugby union)
Ken Smith (sportswriter)
Kenneth B. Smith
Kenneth C. Smith
Kenneth F. Smith
Kenneth J. Smith
Kenneth Smith (GC)
Kenneth Smith (cricketer)
Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith (American football)
Kenny Smith (ice hockey)
New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame
Northern Colorado Bears men's basketball
Obed Sullivan
Oklahoma Derby
Richard Hall (speedway rider)
Sugar Hill Records
The Comics Journal
The Vagabond Lover
Walking in the Air

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