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Aérospatiale Puma
AMD Puma
Argentina national rugby union team
BDC Aero Puma
Club Universidad Nacional
Eurocopter Super Puma
Ford Puma
José Luis Carranza
José Luis Rodríguez (singer)
Lake Puma Yumco
Mac OS X v10.1
P53 upregulated modulator of apoptosis
PUMA M26-15
Paediatric-use marketing authorisation
People United Means Action
Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility
Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly
Protected User Mode Audio
Public Use Micro Data Sample Area
Puma (AFV)
Puma (IDF)
Puma (IFV)
Puma (Tanzanian ward)
Puma (band)
Puma (car)
Puma (comics)
Puma (kit-car)
Puma (village)
Puma Energy International
Puma SE
Puma Swede
Puma language
Pumas (rugby team)
SdKfz 234
T.J. Perkins

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