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Agustí Roc
Blackburn Roc
Federal Aviation Administration
Le Roc
Margaret Roc
Patricia Roc
R.O.C. (band)
R.O.C. (rapper)
Race of Champions
Race of Champions (Brands Hatch)
Race of Champions (Modified)
Radar Operations Center
Rate of change (technical analysis)
Receiver operating characteristic
Receptor-operated calcium channel
Region of convergence
Regional Organisations of Councils
Registrar of Companies
Remote Operations Center
Renewables Obligation Certificates
Republic of Canada
Republic of China (1912–1949)
Republic of Cuba
Republic of the Congo
Resource-oriented computing
Rest of Canada
Rest of Canada
Restaurant Opportunities Center
Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium
Return on capital
Richmond Outreach Center
Right of Centre
Roc (mythology)
Roc (song)
Roc Alexander
Roc Books
Roc Kirby
Roc Nation
Roc Oil Company
Roc Oliva
Roc Raida
Roche Braziliano
Rochester, New York
Romanian Orthodox Church
Royal Observer Corps
Russian Orthodox Church
Ste V Roc
Stratolaunch carrier aircraft

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