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Akshu Fernando
Basil Fernando
C. Fernando
C. T. Fernando
Chandra Fernando (priest)
Charitha Buddhika
Chitra Fernando
Cirque Fernando
Clancy Fernando
D. T. Fernando
Damian Fernando
Dilhara Fernando
Dinesh Fernando
Dinusha Fernando
Don Fernando
Elmo Fernando
Eric Fernando
Ferdinand II of Aragon
Fernando (song)
Fernando Acevedo
Fernando Alegría
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Amorebieta
Fernando Antogna
Fernando Balzaretti
Fernando Baudrit Solera
Fernando Botero
Fernando Bujones
Fernando Cabrera (baseball)
Fernando Camargo
Fernando Chui Sai On
Fernando Climent
Fernando Collor de Mello
Fernando Colunga
Fernando Cortez
Fernando Delgadillo
Fernando Fernán Gómez
Fernando Gallego
Fernando Haddad
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Fernando Jácome
Fernando Larraín
Fernando Llorente
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Martínez Perales
Fernando Meirelles
Fernando Montiel
Fernando Morán (footballer)
Fernando Morán (politician)
Fernando Moresi
Fernando Morientes
Fernando Ochoaizpur
Fernando Ortiz
Fernando Pessoa
Fernando Rech
Fernando Redondo
Fernando Retayud
Fernando Rielo
Fernando Serrano
Fernando Solabarrieta
Fernando Soler
Fernando Sucre
Fernando Torres
Fernando Valades
Fernando Valenzuela
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Verdasco
Fernando Vergara
Fernando de Lucia
Fernando de Moraes
Frank Marcus Fernando
G. Fernando
Gratien Fernando
Hasantha Fernando
Hemasiri Fernando
Hennadige Francisco Fernando
Hugo Fernando
Johnston Fernando
Kenneth Fernando
Lalithamana Fernando
Lloyd Fernando
Luís Fernando
Lushan Fernando
M. S. Fernando
Mark Fernando
Mignonne Fernando
Milindu Fernando
Milroy Fernando
Nayana Fernando
Nimalka Fernando
Nisal Fernando
Nishantha Fernando
Nita Fernando
Percy Fernando
Prosper Fernando
Ranjit Fernando
Rohan Fernando
Sajan Fernando
Saman Piyasiri Fernando
Samantha Fernando
Sanjaya Fernando
Shalindra Fernando
Sujith Fernando
Suresh Fernando
Susil Fernando
Susitha R. Fernando
Swithin Fernando
Tyronne Fernando
Upekha Fernando
Vijita Fernando
Wirantha Fernando

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